NFL fights: 49ers fans fight in bathroom

This is a damn shame what happened in that bathroom at the 49ers game Sunday!

In case you missed it, a man was viciously beaten by two punks after a sucker punch in the bathroom which led to a man being knocked totally unconscious during the 49ers game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

As you will see on the video, one guy completely throws a dirty punch from the side, seemingly for no reason I may add, and then ensues to keep beating the guy with the help of one of his boys.

Well now those two fools are in jail after being found and arrested and are being charged with assault among other things. The sad part is the victim, who literally did nothing wrong, even according to other witnesses, now has brain damage and is paralyzed!

The guy went to use the bathroom during a fun day and wound up in a hospital with brain damage, smh! There is nothing gangsta or real about what the two guys did to him. Thankfully police found them and got them where they belong.
The 49ers themselves released a statement on the incident:

“We would like to send our deepest concern and well wishes to the victims of [Monday's] incident. We were appalled to see the video of the attack on the victims and salute the Santa Clara Police Department on their quick response that resulted in the apprehension of the two suspects. Maintaining the safety of all stadium guests is our highest priority and we are dedicated to providing a friendly and welcoming environment for all events held at Levi’s Stadium.”

Our thoughts are with the victim and his family. Respect to the guy who tried to help him while he was being attacked, although he wound up getting jumped also.